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First 2025 Class Prediction

With signing day about a year away, what perfect timing for the first edition of the Class Prediction for the class of 2025, including one five-star for each side of the ball.

2024 Class Prediction – November 2023 Edition

There’s not much activity left, and the home stretch is right around the corner. What could this class close with next month? One five-star for each side of the ball isn’t a bad start.

2024 Class Prediction – August 2023 Edition

Two HS QBs are back, the defensive line “Master Class” is almost two-deep with seven total, hope at LB, and an offensive line class with some star power and plenty of developmental potential.

2024 Class Prediction – July 2023 Edition

A two QB class is back down to one, six defensive linemen highlight a two-class defensive overhaul for Brent Venables, and Joe Jon Finley gets his man. Offensive line? Who knows!